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«Rus-Glass» ― glorious traditions and new technologies

Glassworks is a technologically sophisticated process and its control requires a great deal of experience and knowledge. The one working in this industry needs to constantly evolve and be ahead of their time to meet the ever-increasing demands for quality, environmental friendliness and variety of glass container manufacturing of the modern market. To maintain and strengthen its position is possible only thanks to an orderly increase in production capacity, improving the product quality, as well as coordination with business partners.

Корпоративная презентация ТК "Русь-Стекло"
These factors, in particular, are the pledge of leadership. For many years the Trading Company “Rus-Glass” has been promoting the interests of four independent Russian companies specializing in production of high-quality glass containers. “Rus-Glass” offers hundreds of different products of different shapes and purpose that are highly aesthetic and meet the most stringent quality standards and environmental safety requirements.

TS Rus-Steklo Corporate Presentation (in english)

The plants’ formation process had been going on
for over 20 years

2010-2015 год

The renovation and modernization of the production of one of the shops of Kingiseppsky glass container plant was completed in 2012, which allowed to increase the volume of production. The renovation and upgrading of Velikodvorsky plant with replacement of all main production equipment was completed in 2014. Construction of Omsk plant was also completed. As of today, the “Rus-Steklo” Trading Company incorporates four modern independent glass production plants, distributes their production, and is the leader of the Russian market of colorless container glass.

2007-2010 год

“Rus-Steklo” company was established in 2007 on the basis of the Association (now Trading Company “Rus-Steklo”). Kingiseppsky glass container plant, which was an independent manufacturer of glass (previously called ― “Veda-PACK” company) in 2005, joined the ranks of the company’s business partners.

2004-2007 год

Starting with the launch of the Sergiev Posad plant, “Association of Glass Manufacturers ― “Rus-Steklo” was created in 2004. The Sergiev Posad plant’s three stages, incorporated in the Association, were launched into production gradually, during the period spanning from 2004 until 2007, Velikodvorsky plant production workshop was reconstructed. According to the results achieved in 2007, “Association “Rus-Steklo” joined the ranks of the leaders in the Russian market of colorless container glass.The construction of a new glass production plant in Omsk was initiated.

2001-2004 год

The company “Rossiiskoye steklo (“Russian glass”) was founded in 2001–2004, and it incorporates Velikodvorsky plant ― one of the oldest glass factories in Russia, located in the Vladimir region. The company was expanding rapidly, the plant was modernized in a short period of time and today it us one of the leading glass container manufacturers in Russia.



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