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The main focus of the plant’s activity is production of distinctive design glass containers for premium products.

The design production capacity is 680 million glass articles annually.

Two furnaces and seven production lines were installed at the “Kingiseppsky glass container plant” The plant is focused on production of bottles and jars of complicated and exclusive shape, as well as baby food tare.

Production facilities allow to use various glass forming machines from 8 section in double gobs to 12 in the tripe-gob mode. All types of glass articles formation are used in the production - Blow/Blow (bottles), Press&Blow (jars and bottles) and NNPB (lightweight bottles).

Up-to-date automated inspection machines of different types (optical and rotor) are used on all production lines, allowing to perform control of tare even of complicated non-round shape.

The company uses only natural raw materials in production and manufactures environmentally friendly products, featuring a high degree of water and chemical resistance, considerable strength and perfect geometry.

The plant’s laboratory facilities with modern equipment and the use of different methods of analysis allow the company to produce articles that meet the high demands of both Russian laws and international standards.

The plant has implemented management system of safety and quality of products in accordance with the International Standard BRC (integrated system, which includes the requirements of ISO 9000 standards, 22000 and HACCP principles).In December 2016 the plant has successfully gained certification to the BRC standard.

Manufacturers of mold equipment for the Kingisepp glass container plant, such European companies as “OMCO, STRADA, HEYE”,are the recognized industry leaders in Western Europe.

The transparency of glass is achieved through a low content of coloring components ― less than 0.05%. Additional treatment of the glass surface, before and after the oven processing, ensures safety of glass containers during transport operations and bottling / packaging.

A method of packing products into pallets (according to the procedure chosen by the customer) is applied in production, using cardboard and / or polypropylene packaging materials and shrinkable film, and, if necessary, stripping of pallets. Packaging provides a high degree of protection against rain and dust, cargo safety, as well as security of warehouse operations.

The system of complex automation of warehouse process management was implemented, which in combination with bar coding of products allows for effective managing and improving of logistics processes. Products are shipped by road and railway transport on a FIFO basis.

The plant manufactures products for the companies that are considered leaders in their respective industries. Some of the products are exported to EEC countries. Partners of the company emphasize the high quality of its glass containers complying with European standards, and the excellent level of rendered services ― timeliness and accuracy of order execution, prompt solving of operational issues, professionalism and proficient communication skills at all levels of management.

The plant provides a full production cycle: from the development of its own design office to storage and transportation of products.

The enterprise development strategy is aimed at increasing the production volume of glass containers while maintaining and improving the product quality and reducing the prime cost by improving the efficiency of production.

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The plants history

The first glass container plant in Russia which decorates the products it manufactures

“Veda-PACK” company was founded, construction of the first stage of the plant was set up on the basis of the former metal-working plant. Over 20 contractors were involved in construction, among them the largest ones being the St. Petersburg company JSC
“SMU-13 Metrostroy” and ZAO “Soyuzteplostroy Petersburg”. Petersburg Institute “Giprosteklo” took a stand as General Designer.
The first stage of the plant was launched. The new company starts to develop production of the articles that are in most demand ― bottles, cans for instant coffee and infant food.
The plant has two lines for bottle decorating. “Veda-PACK” becomes the first glass container plant in Russia, which does not only manufacture, but also decorates the products it manufactures.
The second stage of the plant, equipped with modern glass-forming and inspection machines was launched. The plant’s capacity reached 600 tons of products per day.
The company undergoes a quality review conducted by “Coca-Cola”, “Sun Interbrew” and “Heineken”. Production of jars for infant food was set up (“Lebedyansky”).
Successful implementation of the process business model: since that moment, the activities of the “Veda-PACK” company are carried out based on the principles of “organization based on processes”: PBO (Process Based Organization). This model allows us to determine the most effective ways of working and promptly adopting positive experiences of other enterprises. A number of contracts with the leaders of the food industry were concluded. The volume of production increased to 580 million units and production efficiency was raised.
Restructuring and renovation of the plant, which had started in 2010, was completed, and the first workshop was put into operation.


Annealing furnaces

  • Gemco (Holland)
  • CAR-MET (Italy)

Process control system

  • Siemens (Germany)

Glass-forming machines

  • Bottero (Italy)

Inspection equipment

  • MSC (France)
  • BUSCH&SPREEN (Germany)


  • Emmeti OMS

Heat shrinkable plants

  • Emmeti OMS


Standard packaging:

  • bottles 250-1000ml

Exclusive packaging:

  • cans and bottles of intricate shape (circular and non-circular
    cross-section) for different types of food products

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