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The main focus of the plant’s activity is production of
high-quality glass containers from colorless glass

Test production parties were launched in 2010, the first stage of the plant enables the production of colorless glass in the amount of 390 tons of glass melt per day. Launching of the second stage will allow the company to produce brown glass in the amount of 420 tons of glass melt per day. After reaching the design capacity, the plant will produce more than 700 million glass articles annually. The enterprise was designed with the use of advanced technology of glass industry and outfitted with equipment purchased from the world’s leading manufacturers.

The technology for production of glass containers by NNPB method (Narrow Neck Press and Blow ― press-and-blow developing of lightweight narrow-necked glass container products) was implemented and mastered.

The plant has implemented management system of safety and quality of products in accordance with the International Standard BRC (integrated system, which includes the requirements of ISO 9000 standards, 22000 and HACCP principles).

The company uses only natural raw materials in production and manufactures environmentally friendly products, featuring a high degree of water and chemical resistance, considerable strength, reference colors and perfect geometry.

The implemented system of glass coloration in the feeder allows within a matter of hours to transfer from colorless glass to any color range at the customer’s option.

Consumers of the plant’s products are leading Russian and foreign producers of the food industry in the regions of Siberia and the Far East.

The product delivery process to the markets of neighboring countries, including the Republic of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, was recently set up.

Partners emphasize the high quality of its glass containers complying with European standards, and the excellent level of rendered services ― timeliness and accuracy of order execution, prompt solving of operational issues, professionalism and proficient communication skills at all levels of management.

Presently, the company employs approximately 320 people. Highly skilled managers supervise production.

The enterprise development strategy is aimed at increasing the production volume of glass containers while maintaining and improving the quality of the products.

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The plants history

The output products are delivered to all regions of Russia,
as well as Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

Construction of the plant was initiated.
Workshop buildings were constructed, the technology equipment was installed, internal gas networks were laid, and gas boiler house was put into operation. Restructuring of the “Levoberezhnaya” substation was carried out to ensure power supply.
Test run of the plant’s first stage, including a glass melting furnace with the capacity of 390 tons of glass melt per day, began.
The technology for the production of lightweight glass containers by NNPB method was implemented and mastered.
Technology of white-neck tare production was implemented and mastered in production.
The line of glass coloring in the feeder with a capacity of 90 tons.
Switch to 100% ready-made raw materials for burden preparation.


Annealing furnaces

  • Antonini (Italy)


  • AL GLASS (Italy)

Glass-melting furnace

  • HORN Glass Industries (Germany)

Glass-forming machines -6-sectional and 12-sectional ones

  • BDF (Italy)

Conveyor lines

  • AL GLASS (Italy)

Compressor equipment

  • ATLAS-COPCO (Sweden)

Suction equipment

  • COMAIR (Italy)

Inspection equipment

  • MSC (France)

Heat shrinkable plant

  • MSK (Germany)


  • Glass containers for distilled beverages
  • Exclusive glass containers for distilled beverages and beer products
  • Glass containers for soft drinks and low-alcohol beverages

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