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The main focus of the plant’s activity is the production
of exclusive glass containers of complex configuration
and design

Presently, the plant is a modern enterprise equipped with
high-performance European facilities and features extensive infrastructure.

The plant’s design capacity is 200 million glassware articles annually.

The main focus of the plant’s activity is production of exclusive colorless glass containers of complex configuration and design. The enterprise produces more than 150 kinds of articles, mainly glass bottles.

The transparency of glass is achieved by using a low content of coloring components ― less than 0.05%. Glass surface is treated
additionally ― protective-reinforcing coating is applied (before the annealing furnace ― in hot spraying unit Glass Chet Hecst, Germany, after the furnace treatment ― in the cold spraying unit ― GlassChem, Germany), which ensures the safety of glass container during transport and bottling operations.

The plant uses only natural raw materials and manufactures environmentally friendly products, featuring a high degree of water and chemical resistance, a considerable strength and perfect geometry.

The plant has implemented management system of safety and quality
of products in accordance with the International Standard BRC / IoP (integrated system, which includes the requirements of ISO 9000 standards, 22000 and HACCP principles).

The production area includes a railway line, the site for cullet storage and sorting, warehouses for storage of finished products, an office and amenity premises.

Currently, the company employs about 300 people. The development strategy of the plant is aimed at increasing production volume of glass containers, including the ones of exclusive design and configuration, while maintaining and improving the quality of the products.

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The plants history

Velikodvorsky glass container plant ― one of the oldest glass factories in Russia

The plant was founded by a Russian industrialist I.S. Maltsev. The original
name of the company ― “Dardurskaya glass factory”, ― was derived from the name of the river Dardur, on the banks of which the serfs built a production site of the plant. The plant witnessed nationalization, a temporary production stoppage and an eventual return
to life.
Production facilities were renovated.
Restructuring of the enterprise, during which a new glass furnace was built (it was entirely comprised of imported refractories with the capacity of about 240 tons per day), was carried out. The furnace was developed by the “Glass Technologies” company.
Full restructuring and renovation of the plant with replacement of all main production facilities was completed.


Annealing furnaces of the company

  • Antonini (Italy)

Conveyor line, palletizer

  • Стеклопак (Орел)

Glass-forming machines GPS (Germany)

  • 1- eight-sectional, 5-inch and 3-six- sectional - two 5-inch and one 6-inch

Glass-melting furnace as per the design

  • Glass Technologies (Italy)


  • SGCC (France)


Glass bottles intended for:

  • Soft drinks
  • Cognacs and liqueurs
  • Distilled beverages


  • Beer products
  • Low-alcohol beverages
  • Dairy products
  • Sauces and ketchup

    Glass jars intended for:

    • Coffee products

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